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Noticing that I had a wardrobe in serious need of help, I decided to set up a consultation with Eye For Elegant Style.  The fashion consultant was very knowledgeable.  She asked relevant questions to perfect a professional look that best suit me.   She was very stylish and her appearance was encouraging.  I knew I was making the right decision.  I decided to set up a half day makeover and the clothes purchased not only completed my wardrobe, they enhanced strong points, while downplaying weak ones.

Thank You!
Candice M., Arlington, VA

I want to thank you for all of your fashion advice and shopping assistance during the personal makeover.  I had no idea what a difference appearance would have on attitude.  The compliments I recieve daily, have given me confidence in myself that I never thought existed!  I attribute the latest business successes to the changes in my appearance along with the image it projects.  Thanks again to your staff of fashion consultants, the experience was well worth it!

Robert H., Richmond, VA

The shopping experience was great and I learned several fashion rules.  I'm able to apply what I learned during the fashion makeover, when picking out clothing styles for work or play.  The fashion consultant was a classy gentleman who understood style, while putting together several custom looks.  I  also like the fact that he told me to try on pieces if I thought they worked.  Based on the other pieces he chose, I could see the difference.  There are several rules to style as well as fashion, so professional advice is the best!

Thank you,
Sherry Brown, Waldorf, MD

The thought of consulting with someone about a personal makeover is intimidating, but I knew that I needed one.  I found myself dressing like all of my friends while falling into a pattern of wearing the same outfits time after time, simply because I thought the style was right for me.  You made me feel comfortable while opening my eyes to new ideas about style and fashion sense.  I could not be more pleased with the results.  I can not get over the looks I get, not to mention the compliments from the women at the club.  I'm looking forward to the next shopping appointment.

Jennifer R., Bethesda, MD                                                      


When searching for the right style to suit an individual, fashion consultants can be useful.  A fashion consultant or sometimes referred to as an image consultant, is trained to know which styles work with different body types.  Projecting the right image can be as simple as choosing the right style of clothing. While fashion changes from season to season, style is determined by the individual.  Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is a fashion consultants primary function. A fashion consultant is also referred to as a personal shopper.  A personal shopper assists in selecting the
proper clothing to match an individual's style.  




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